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Daily Huser Plateau Tour – Moving Every Day

Huser plateau tours are waiting for you with up to 40% discount and installment opportunities. Check out the Rize Huser plateau tour and book now without missing the opportunity. At 10:00, our vehicle departs from

Rize Meydan PTT for the Huser Plateau and Avusor Plateau Tour. After receiving our guests who will join our tour from our coastal districts Çayeli, Pazar and Ardeşen districts, we enter the storm valley.
Our guests who wish to glide through the linden, chestnut and hornbeam vehicles over the Fırtına Valley, which is our first stop, get on the zipline (rope activity) where the adrenaline reaches its peak. Our break time is 2030 min.

We continue on our way through the valley of the storm and come to Çamlıhemşinin, one of the cutest authentic districts of our country. Turning to the left from Çamlıhemşin district, we continue to Hala Valley among spruce trees. Ayder Plateau, one of the most beautiful tourism destinations of our country, comes across with its magnificent beauty.

Since we will climb to a very high altitude today, in order not to be affected by the oxygen exchange, after one and a half hours of free time in the Gelintülü Waterfall, Kalegon and Ayder meadows on the Ayder plateau, we get on our vehicle waiting for us, and take a sprint for Avusor Plateau.

We arrive at Avusor Plateau after a 10 kilometers and 1 hour journey among fragrant, heavenly green pine forests. Avusor Plateau is one of the plateaus in Rize Çamlıhemşin that makes you feel like you have come to a different world as soon as you arrive.

As you wind your way up the winding roads by the creek, a peace of mind begins to fill you.
When you go to the plateau and meet the Kaçkars, this peace increases exponentially. Our guests can have lunch from the chalet located on the plateau. After the end of our time in Avusor plateau, we leave here and move to Huser Plateau, the land of clouds.8

After our journey of 9 km with magnificent views, we reach the Huser Plateau. Huser Plateau is located in the mountains that hold the left side of Ayder’s entrance. In terms of its altitude and location, it offers the opportunity to see the unique view of all the plateaus of Ayder and the cascading Kaçkar Mountains.

It is the plateau with the best view in the region, and is generally one of the most enjoyed trips by visitors. Especially if the weather is sunny, it has a view that you cannot get enough of looking at. It has an uninterrupted view starting from Kaçkar Altınparmak Mountains in the south to Kaçkar Kemerli,

Kaçkar Kavron and Kaçkar Verçenik Mountains.You can see Palakçur, Avusor, Çeymakçur and Kavron Valleys under your feet, the Black Sea coastline behind you, Hazindak and Pokut Sal ridges in front of you, that is, anywhere from 0 m to 4000 m. In the evening, if the weather is clear, we go to the observation hill where we will watch the sunset. At the end of the day, we complete our tour and return home peacefully.