Daily Gito Badara Highland Tour Quick Reservation

Gito Plateau Tours are waiting for you with up to 40% discount and installment opportunities. Check out the Gito Plateau Tour and book now without missing the opportunity. We depart from Rize center at 09:00 in front of our agency. At 09:45 Çayeli (Mapavri), at 10:00 on Sunday (Athens), at 10:15 at 10:15 Ardeşen (Ardışen) We start our tour after picking you up in front of the Atmaca statue.

As we continue our journey in the magnificent natural wealth, the historical stone arch bridges on the Fırtına Stream greet us. Passing through Hoşdere Village, Şehitlik Village, Behice Village, Dikkaya Village and Hüllüköy Village, we arrive at Çamlıhemşin (Vicealtı), one of the most authentic districts of Rize.

We enter the Çat Valley from Çamlıhemşin, a historical district established at the intersection of Çat and Hala Creek. As our journey continues with the shimmering sound of the stream among the heavenly green and fragrant pine forests on the valley, we arrive at

Şenyuva (Çinçiva) Village, where TV series and movies are shot in the Black Sea region. We take a half-hour photo break here with the magnificent view of the single-arched Çinçiva bridge, formerly known as Çinçiva. We continue on our way by getting on our vehicle that is waiting for us in the village.

We reach Zilkale, which consists of 8 bastions and a watchtower on a steep rock at an altitude of 750 meters from the sea, approximately 150 meters from the river bed on the historical silk road, and was built in the 14th century during the Kommenos lease.

Here, we will be instrumental in experiencing the moments you will never forget. We leave Zilkale and continue on our way along the valley. As the altitude rises, we rise above the clouds and GİTO Plateau greets us with its magnificent beauty and warm people.

GITO Plateau, which is connected to Çamlıhemşin district, is one of the most unspoiled plateaus of the region. There is no telephone, no electricity, no internet in this plateau. When you reach GİTO Plateau with its people, food and animals, you will feel that you have completely cut off your connection with the world.

We spend time alone with nature on the GİTO plateau, which is one of the most ideal places for hiking and resting, we do trekking and we spend the day taking pictures of postcards. Leaving the Gito plateau, we come to the Badara Plateau, where the Aegean anchovy series was filmed. We finish our tour after having a good time in Badara, the most authentic plateau of Rize, where pristine plateau houses are still practiced today.

To see the mist covering the Kaçkar Mountains, the lush vegetation and the snowy peaks and the beauties of the magnificent mountains; Every summer after spring, it invites mountaineers, photographers and our guests who want to escape from the city to the Gito plateau. We leave GİTO Plateau at around 17:00 and turn around. We return to the center of Rize at 20:00.