Cheap Holidays in Belgrade: Belgrade Tour with 20 Dollars a Day

Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, is a destination for all tastes. While entertainment enthusiasts will find what they are looking for in Belgrade nights, history and culture lovers can experience a holiday filled with many museums and historical artifacts to visit and see in this city.

If you are considering a cheap holiday in Belgrade, you are at the right place. We looked at Belgrade for a holiday plan that is economical but we will not be left behind.If you stay in a central location in Belgrade, many places will be within walking distance. This means you save a lot of transportation costs. We will explain this issue in detail.

Those who want to plan an economical holiday abroad will get it done with our cheap holiday tips in Belgrade!

How will a cheap holiday in Belgrade be?

We have 4 main topics for a cheap holiday in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia: Flight tickets, accommodation, food and beverage and tips that will provide an advantage in the city. The more economically we act on these four details that will form our holiday budget, the cheaper the holiday will be.

First of all, we set a daily budget for ourselves. We set our budget as $20 per day. Let’s say you are going to Belgrade for 3 days. If you act economically, you will have spent 60 dollars in total, excluding accommodation and flight ticket costs. Not bad at all!

By the way, don’t look at what we call dollars, Serbian dinars pass in the city. At the time of writing this article, 1 dollar was equal to about 106 Serbian dinars. (As of September 18, 2019.) Almost 2,100 Serbian dinars to spend per day are more than enough for you to have a pleasant holiday.

It is very easy to find Belgrade flight tickets at affordable prices.

Where to Stay in Belgrade

The White City of Belgrade may be the capital of Serbia, but it’s still not that big of a city. As long as you find yourself a centrally located Belgrade hotel, you can walk everywhere. The cheapest accommodation method in Belgrade is shared hostel rooms, which are paid per person. If you are not very fond of the comfort zone, you can stay here for 10 dollars a night.

Prices of hotels in Belgrade are very reasonable. Since our goal is a cheap holiday in Belgrade, we eliminate luxury hotels. We’re left with hostels and centrally located cheap hotels. If you do the necessary research, we are sure you will find many options.

In Belgrade, Savski Venac is one of the neighborhoods in the city center. If you find a place to stay here, everything will be very close to you.
There are also Airbnb and Couchsurfing options among accommodation options in Belgrade. Airbnb can be very useful, especially if you plan to go in a large group.

Couchsurfing is an app where you can get accommodation for free. Of course, at this point, do not forget to read the reviews about the hosts in detail. If you are planning to go on vacation alone, we think you can choose a good quality hostel and stay with shared rooms. If you calculate it from $ 15 per day, you can stay for $ 45 during a 3-day holiday in

Belgrade Cheap Holiday Tips

The first rule for a cheap holiday in Belgrade is not to fall for the tourist traps. For example, souvenirs sold in central places. You can find the same items much cheaper in the outer regions.

If you are going to dive into Belgrade nightlife, do detailed research about the place you will go. You can count on venues in central locations, but it’s always helpful to read visitor reviews anyway.

There is an entrance fee to most important historical buildings in Belgrade, but if you know how, you can enter them for a discount or for free. For example, have your current student ID with you. Staff may not accept outdated student IDs.

There is no entrance fee for St. Sava, one of the city’s most important historical monuments. Located right next to the Nikola Tesla Museum, this cathedral is one of the first places to visit in Belgrade.

There is an entrance fee to the Nikola Tesla Museum. At this point, groups are discounted. You can save on the entrance fee by finding a group through social media.

English guide is available for free at 11 am every weekend at the Museum of Yugoslav History. We recommend that you do not miss it.
Food and Drink Matter in Belgrade: Friend of the Economic Traveler.

Eating and drinking is really cheap in Belgrade. Although the prices are slightly higher in central places, it still does not burn the pocket. So you don’t have to think much about eating and drinking.

You can get an above-average meal in Belgrade for between 7-10 dollars, these prices are valid in high-class venues. It is possible to be satisfied with the prices of 3-6 dollars in places with the taste of artisan restaurants.

Meat is very cheap in Belgrade. The meatballs here are especially famous.
Street food culture is also quite developed in Belgrade. You can take a look at the content we have prepared for places to visit in Belgrade about eating, drinking and exploring.

Where is Belgrade?

Belgrade, as the capital of Serbia, is located right in the heart of the country.Serbia, which is approximately 950 km from Istanbul, is a candidate for the European Union.