Advice for Those Who Will Take a Trip to Venice

The best part is that Pegasus Venice flights depart directly from Marco Polo International Airport. Of course, this airport is not in the archipelago where Venice is, but in a separate area 12 km from the city.After arriving at the airport, you can reach the heart of Venice in as little as half an hour, either by bus or by boat.My suggestion is to use the number 5 bus by paying 8 Euros to get to Venice. It is both very fast and economical.

Venice is a very special region. A city of thousands of years, consisting of 118 islands and connected by more than 400 bridges. One of the things that makes Venice so special is that the time when it will be submerged even more every year is approaching. You ask why? Because, according to researches made in recent years, Venice is buried under 1-2 mm of water every year. It is estimated that by 2032 another 10 cm will be submerged. It is predicted that Venice will be completely submerged by 2100. Because of this sad news, many tourists want to see the city before Venice goes down.

Speaking of understanding Venice… What would you think if I said this city was built on stilts? Yes, they built the city on stakes you know. While this area was once a swamp, the Venetians built Venice from scratch using piles, and such a unique place has survived to this day.

Personally, the first thing I thought about when I learned about this was “How do these stakes not rot?” had happened. But I later learned that they used oak and larch, which are water-resistant trees. That’s why I say it is necessary to understand the city and know its value on a trip to Venice.

Let’s come to the things that must be done in Venice. My first suggestion is of course food. Let’s admit; It is almost impossible to go hungry in Italy. Since Italians use olive oil in most of their dishes, they have a cuisine and taste that we are very familiar with.

When you come to Venice, the dishes I recommend you to taste are seafood pasta, fish called sarde in saor and snacks called cicchetti. Especially after 5 pm, snack hours start and you can see these snacks, namely cicchietti, in many restaurants. Prices are also quite affordable.

In addition, I definitely recommend you to try the pasta made with cuttlefish, which is unique to Venice. This pasta is a black pasta and is typical of Venice because of the black ink that comes out of the cuttlefish.If you’ve noticed, I haven’t even mentioned the famous Italian ice creams and pizzas. I think you’ve already got this on your list.

A trip to Venice cannot be considered complete without cooling down with ice cream every 3-4 hours and eating a slice of Italian pizza in between. By the way, they are very, very good Italians on both ice cream and pizza.

Probably to 100 people, “Where is the heart of Venice?” If you ask, probably more than 90 people will answer St. Mark’s Square, which has a historical value of more than 1,000 years. What makes this square so special is that it is lively both day and night and the distinguished historical buildings around it.

Speaking of history… In fact, San Marco has always been the busiest and busiest place in Venice. Events, celebrations and more have been held in this square for hundreds of years.Here, this square is surrounded by historical buildings like itself. These;In particular, one should not return from Venice without taking the elevator to St. Mark’s Bell Tower and seeing a wonderful view of Venice.

Personally, my favorite place to watch Venice for a long time is the very top of this tower. I say enjoy the view in the evening.
Although visiting the canals with a gondola is the first thing that comes to mind when everyone thinks of Venice, I think it is more reasonable to visit the Grand Canal by boat in terms of being more economical. I say this because I’ve had both experiences.

The most common of these boats are vaporettos. Since there are no roads in Venice, they use these boats to get from one place to another. You can easily move from one place to another by paying a few euros. In fact, if you buy a daily pass, you can easily use all these boats for transportation in Venice. Well, how much do you think the gondola prices are? Normally half an hour or even 45 minutes at the most.

Venice, one of the most mentioned places in the world when it comes to romance; With its squares that smell of history, delicious Italian food and unique architecture, it welcomes more than 20 million tourists every year. Here’s what Venice is like, where so many people go with excitement. As someone who has been there 3 times, I would like to tell you what I know in 7 steps. First, let me talk about how to get to Venice.