6 Suggestions for Those Who Will Take a London Trip

As I said, London is actually a very, very big city. Although I say 3-4 days, there is always something new to do in London. Without further ado, let’s plan together what to do in London, which is one of the must-see places with its always pulsating city life, even though the air is mostly cloudy.

The second most visited city in the world, London hosts approximately 20 million tourists a year. With its tens of museums, thousands of parks, wide and widespread transportation network, it allows you to easily find almost everything that a city should have.

In this article, I would like to explain my suggestions that I found indispensable during my stay in London for a week. Although, I did a little bit of traveling around London. I think if you want to quickly realize my suggestions that I will explain below, 3-4 days may be enough.

1. Visit 20+ Museums for Free
In Europe, I think one of the items we spend the most on is museum fees. But fortunately in London, perhaps the best museums in the world are free to enter. You can donate to the donation boxes only if it breaks your heart.

Which are these museums?

-British Museum
-Natural History Museum
-Tate Modern
-Imperial War Museum
-Science Museum
-National Gallery
-Victoria and Albert Museum

You can enter all of these museums I mentioned without paying any day of the year, and you can see the works of painters who put millions of pieces of historical artifacts into paintings that you cannot distinguish from the real.

2. Take a City Tour with London’s Iconic Red Buses
According to research, when asked about the two most expensive things in London, they first said rents and then transportation.Although transportation is expensive, traveling with the red buses, which is a must for the city, is actually not very expensive.

You can easily get on all means of transportation in the city after purchasing the Oyster card, which is the transportation card in London.You can go to most places in London with these red buses, usually paying 2-3 pounds per use. In addition, these buses provide 24-hour uninterrupted service.

I recommend you to use these buses rather than the metro for transportation. You will both see the historical streets of London and stay away from the dark stops of the subway.

3. Tour Thousands of Parks
The value that most big cities have longed for and longed for in recent years is green space. Fortunately, this is not the case in London. 40% of London is covered with green space and there are more than 3,000 parks in the city. Yes, 3,000. That means 5-10 parks in almost every neighborhood. Among the 3,000 parks, the most striking ones and my favorite ones are;

-St James Park,
-Hyde Park and
-Regent’s Park.

If you have time, I suggest renting a bike in London for a day and walking around these parks. Especially when there is a small sign of sunshine, you can chat with Londoners who throw themselves into the parks and enjoy these beautiful parks.

4. You Must Watch a Musical
The world’s most important musicals are staged almost every day in London.

-Mamma Mia,
-Les Miserables,
-Aladdin and
-Wicked is just a few of them.

All of these shows are on almost every day and ticket prices range from £30 to £70. Ticket prices may seem a little expensive, but don’t worry. I have a very important suggestion for you in this regard:

In Leicester Square, there is a box office called TKTS. Last minute tickets are sold here every day and you can find tickets for almost half the normal ticket price.

I personally went to the Mamma Mia musical by buying my ticket from this box office and paid a little more than half the normal ticket price. Watching musicals in these theaters is one of the things that must be done while you are in London.

5. Eat Fish And Chips
You can find hundreds of different cuisines for food and beverage in England; but most restaurants you will go to will not host British food culture. Because the British food and drink culture is not very rich.

That’s why, as far as I’ve observed and researched, the country’s most famous dish is fish and chips. So fish and chips.

Poppie’s Fish And Chips, one of the most successful places in London in this regard, is a good address. It already has branches in many places.

It is even known as one of the 20 best places to eat fish and chips in the UK. Their prices are also 14 pounds. I have eaten fish and chips many times in different parts of the world, but this restaurant is one of my favorite places.

6. Meet Locals in Pubs

No matter which of the 4 countries in the UK you go to, you can see the pub culture in every neighborhood of these 4 countries.Pub actually means Public House. People who used to live in this region Although it rains 300 days a year, London is a very lively and lively city. Compared to other European cities, life in London is incredibly lively even at night. In fact, you can find many activities and activities to do both during the day and at night.